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For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

(There Nightshade, are you feeling the love ;) )

The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday quests 2018

Holiday quests 2018

You have til January 7th to get these started. You can finish them whenever, but if you wait to start them ‘til after January 7th… they will be lost to you forever! MWUAHHAAHAHA!

New great loot at the Candy Store! (but if you wanna kill the ice queen, she takes 5 candies, so don't spend em all at once)

The Beanie quest is the same as Halloween 2017’s quest and the walkthrough already exists for that. You can find it here

The outstretched hand walkthrough already exists too – it can be found here

The New Boss quests can be found here

The long festive season

The Chimney’s goat

Go to Artisan’s farm
Speak to Jule
Accept the quest The Chimney’s Goat


38, 153
33, 153
45, 157
45, 151

Thanks ColinTheCreep for the visual!

(there are probably other locations, but these are the ones I picked up at)

Return to Artisan’s Farm
Complete the quest

Some Cheerful Traditions

Travel to Enorwen’s Lumberjack Camp

“Finish” the quest Some Cheerful Traditions (I assume it should have said accept)
Accept the quest Trees for the Community

Festive Solone
2 Festive Exansese
2 Festive Chanderian

Exanese and solone– 31, 237
Exanese – 32, 231
Chanderian – 32,219
Chanderian – 38, 227

Once you’ve gathered the wood, return the Lumberjack Camp and finish the quest
Thanks ColinTheCreep for the visual!

A Cheerful Meal

Go to the meeting place in Lufomir
“Finish” the quest A cheerful meal

Accept the quest A Traditional Feast

Set up traps

78, 290
81, 288
76, 288

Go back to the meeting place
Finish the quest

Accept the quest Advice from the Chefs

Go to Noroft port and complete task for White Herd
Go to Halmkvik’s travellers hobrad for the Grisenar inn
Go to Night archer’s inn for the black arrow
Go to Snow Star inn for the Snow star chef

Return to the Meeting Place

Finish the quest Advice from the chefs

Accept the quest A preview of the Festivities

Eat Solara’s meal

Finish the meal.

Next set of quests

Go to turnbull mill in hawkoria
Accept the quest The Mysterious Escape of the wood goats

Pick a task

5 woodcutting + 1 forest
5 hunting + 1 forest
8 exploration + 1 forest

Once you’ve collected the 5 footprints, finish the quest

Accept the quest A Disreputable Dealer

Go to Serwin Tower
Enter Serwin tower and go to square D3
Accept the quest Dark Gifts

Go to the Residential district in Hawkoria and place a package
Go to Gourin’s Farm (Thanks Bellare!) and place a package
Go to Berius Delta ( Thanks Sniq) and place a package

Return to the imp in serwin tower and finish the quest

Go back to turnbull mill and finish the quest a disreputable dealer
Accept the quest “Interrupt the celebration”
Go to the fellowship of the falconers
Accept the quest “drunk like hawks”
Go to Pebble Bridge

Entertain Caliane
10% damage, 10 blunt def and 2 plains

Go to falconers stable
Support from the falconers in service
1-3 @70%
12 taming +2 plains

Go to hawk city, Bockbottom tavern
Pay a round -5s, 8 leadership + 4 urban

Once you’ve gotten the 5 supports, return to falconers tower
Finish the quest Drunk like hawks
Return to turnbull mill
Finish the quest Interrupt the celebration

The Small Invaders

Go to the Bandit’s camp in lanfar
Accept the quest The Small Invaders
Go to 17, 205
Pick a task
20 blunt + 20 hills
18 exploration + 20 hills
18 leadership + 20 hills

Return to bandit’s camp
Finish the quest “The small invaders”

Accept the quest Festive Hunting
I’m sure there are a few locations all around – I did them mostly all in the same spot

-3, 246 under maliken
55, 278 under bulgator fortress

If you find other locations, please put them in comments
(Dorrinda says 51, 244 under sheros)

Return to bandits camp once you’ve gotten your goats.
Finish the quest

The Awakening of the wooden soldiers

Go to Farlamburg in Starfield

Accept the quest The Awakening of the wooden soldiers

Go to 53, 295
Pick a task

41 breeding + 42 snow
50 woodcutting + 42 snow
30 metascience + 42 snow + 4 foggy pearls

Return to Farlamburg
Finish the quest Awakening Wooden Soldiers

Accept the quest The Friend who comes from the Cold

Go to Larsen Farm
Accept the quest “To The North”

Pick a task

50 woodworking + 25 snow
30 commerce + 25 snow + 40g
55 leadership + 25 snow

Finish the quest “To the north”

Go back to Farlamburg

Finish the quest “The friend who comes in from the cold”

Accept the quest “A time for friends”

(It wants cerry, rowan, mr golem and/or yraen with you – but even without, both tabs at farlamburg had the options to do the quest. I did it with rowan too and it didn’t change anything except she popped up)

Finish the quest

New Bosses dec 2018

The Ice queen boss

New Bosses

Go to Maliken Harbour Dormitory District
Accept quest Embodiment of a bad mood
Pay the 10g
Go to Ice Lab
Go to B2 (In the glassed in area where the chimney is)

Each try takes 5 candy and there is a 23 hour cooldown

My first go made it SO not worth the cost. But here it is

Please post your loot in comments!

Other bosses to come

The Shrew

Go to Outpost of the Rittoria in Combriano Plain
Finish the quest The Reward of Silence

Go to Candero’s tower in Hangman wood
Summon the shrew

Superior Kragkul

Go to the castaway in blackblades forest
Depart for the Gigantika

Monday, November 26, 2018

Killing the Owl

Killing the Owl

There are probably many theories on how to kill the owl, or at least a few, and I’m not saying my way is the best. That being said, many people have asked about killing the owl, and since I do it pretty much daily, I figured I’d share my approach.

First, the set up. Now I realize that not everyone has 69 leadership, so I’ll cover how I did it before then too. But for now – here is my set up.

Poison (there are better pierce poisons out there, but this is the easiest to mass produce for me)

Potion (again, better ones out there, but easiest to mass produce for effectiveness)

Other potion option (in case you’re looking for a better boost, this is the one I use if I’m going on a BC spending spree on owl, there are better ones in runic)

The most important component here is your effective pierce attack. You want it as high as possible. Your hero’s damage to the owl is your best weapon in this fight. You will not be using your hero to defend your comps.

Tip: Thanks to IF on the forums for this juicy little tidbit.  Queue something like a little walk before accepting the fight with owl to give you a few extra seconds. (don’t put poison on til the last second, you don’t wanna waste one on a random encounter) Queue the owl fight, then queue a walk to your local guild arena. You will get the fight bonus from the dummy you have there AND it will be effective during your owl fight. (this would work for iriza too). You can hit record pierce attack scores with this manoeuvre. (For as long as the devs allow this “glitch” anyhow).

The next on the list of important to-do’s is your hills skills. Bring your hippo with you. If you’ve got a set of Similian Olkgu clothing, put it on. Get yourself the elementary heart all maxed out for hills on a bracelet and equip it.  If you don’t have a 5.0 emperator, use your 5.0 pierce tali.

So here’s the set-up with the arena bonus on main

And this is the owl’s stats. (they do vary, I got lucky on this one rolling a low pierce def)

(oddly none of these little owls have a shield buff. They usually do)
So, the basic way to do this is

Pay attention to who hits owl harder, Boar or Gan (boar has the hills bonus, gan doesn’t so it’s not just about the gap in the stats – watch to see who hits harder)

#1 Main, Boar + Gan on big owl, golem on a little owl without a shield, lady defends boar
#2 Once lady is dead, cover boar with golem
#3 Now is where you use your knowledge from paying attention to who hits harder. If gan hits harder, cover him with boar. If boar hits harder, cover him with gan.
#4 When gan or boar dies, cover main with whichever is left
#5 Eventually it’ll be you and the owl. If you manage to kill him before he kills you, then pick off whatever is left of his little buddies.

And there ya go!

So that’s the straightforward way.

Another option, and this one I only do if a) there is a little owl without a shield buff, and b) Big owl’s slash def is uber-high.

Fight goes like this:

#1 Main and Gan on Big Owl, Boar and golem on little owl without shield buff, Lady covers Main (idea here is to take out one little owl with boar and golem)
#2 When lady dies, switch golem to protect boar and put boar on big owl.
#3 Follow the regular steps from above.

If you don’t have 69 authority, the set up I used was Boar, Gan, Golem, Rowan (and hippo for hills in the party but not in the fight)  Rowan takes the place of Lady for above step out.

If you have any questions, or if you want to share your own tips for killing the owl, leave a comment below and I’ll get to it as soon as possible

Sunday, October 21, 2018

October 2018 Newest Jewelry

The Jewelry obtainable by the newest release

Display of new blue tools Oct 2018

Bragging rights sheet for Blue Tools (hulbergor ingots) :D

If you've made blue tools that I don't have here (or blue machines) send me a printscreen ingame or in comments and I'll add it to the gallery.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Castaway Quest

Head to the Castaway in Grim

Accept the quest "The raising of the Gigantika"

Pick a task

- 40 carpentry + 50 forest
- 45 exploration + 50 forest
- 43 botany + 50 forest

Finish the quest

Click on departure for the Gigantika (sea 32 _ 50 forest)

Accept the quest "Clear the wreck"

Pick a task

- 15 metascience + 32 sea + 5 foggy pearls
- 30 engineering + 32 sea

Finish the quest
Accept the quest "Voyage into the depths"

Pick a task

- 30 engineering + 32 sea + 10 steel ingots
- 30 woodworking + 32 sea + 20 yew logs
- 40 leadership + 32 sea + 25g

Finish the quest

Accept the quest "Underwater Hero"

Pick a task

- 36 sewing + 32 sea + 15 blacknester and 15 waxed cotton fabrics
-  36 engineering + 32 sea + 10 odi ingots + 10 eli ingots
- 38 herbalism + 32 sea + 5 black varec + 20 sinerane

Finish the quest Underwater Hero

Accept the quest 20000 millimeters under the sea

Pick a task

- 49 hunting + 32 sea
- 45 engineering + 32 sea

Finish the quest
Open the chest

My loot
And that's it!

Quest for Olkgu Fabric

Go to Lougini's Estate in Hills of the seven mirrors

Speak to Anietta and accept the quest "lost generation"

Go to Sheros Community in the Howling Swamps

Accept the quest "Refuse to collaborate"

Pick a task

- 55 exploration
- 55 leadership
- 55 blunt defense

Finish the quest

Accept the quest "Varans and swamps"

A new locations pops up called Mysterious Clearing

Go to the mysterious clearing

Pick a task

 - 58 alchemy + 53 swamp
- 62 exploration + 53 swamp
- 58 woodcutting + 53 swamp

Finish the quest
Speak to the knight

Accept the quest "A knight with neither guts nor brains"

Pick a task

- 64 leadership + 53 swamp = 3 tonnulur
- 64 blunt + 53 swamp = 3 healing horns
- 64 exploration + 53 swamp = 50 pearls

Finish the quest

Accept the quest "Mud and ruins"

Pick a task

- 66 leadership + 53 swamp
- 66 exploration + 53 swamp
- 60 archeology + 53 swamp

Finish the quest

Accept the quest Dungeons and Varans

Pick a task

- 66 taming + 53 swamp
- 62 spying + 63 swamp

Finish the quest
Accept the quest "Legendary Tunnel"

Pick a task 

- 68 Exploration + 53 swamp
- 64 hunting + 53 swamp

Finish the quest "legendary tunnel"

Accept the quest "Heroism and Cowardice"

Pick a task

- 70 exploration + 53 swamp
- 68 blunt offense + 53 swamp
- 55 commerce + 53 swamp + 2 small diamonds

Finish the quest

Accept the quest Before the Lizard King

Pick a task

- 63 herbalism + 53 swamp + 15 cato meat
-  72 taming + 53 swamp

Finish the quest

Accept the quest "The reason for the disappearance"

Pick a task

- 50 exploration + 53 swamp
- 46 archeology + 53 swamp
- 25 metascience + 53 swamp

Finish the quest

Go back to sheros community

Finish the quest "varans and swamps"

Go back to Lougini's Estate

Finish the quest for the Olkgu Fabric motif