Welcome to my Therian Saga information page. I love this game, and I’m hoping to help you on your path.

For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

(There Nightshade, are you feeling the love ;) )

The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

Happy Gaming Folks!

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Protosensor Locations

Protosensor locations:

Hills: Felgorn’s Peak – Dragon’s Jaw

Forest:  Heart of Juton – Juton’s Forest

Mountain: Poet’s Sanctuary – Cape end of the World

Snow: The Forbidden Garden – Starfield

Swamp: (Off-site location) 64, 278 - Tarasquan swamp

Cave: (Off-site location)  5, 310  -The den 

Plains: (Off- site location)  -8, 56  Combriano Plain


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Vinnerson Tunnel

Vinnerson tunnel is located by exploring in Cape End-of-the-World.  It has 80 concealment so put on your best exploring gear.

The location itself has nothing there, but it allows you to get over to the island across the way.

There is nothing on the Island either. But it is where your guild will want to build a domain to extract the clusters.

The Imperial Jeweller

New Jeweller

As far as I can tell he is recruit-able only in Grim, from mansions. (I believe the mansions need to have at least  60 prestige, but I could be wrong on that).

As an added bonus, recruiting this comp can get your authority to 72.5!!! (The .5 is unnecessary, but it's possible).

Monday, April 15, 2019

How to get over 60 Authority

How to get past 60 leadership/authority
(in other words, how to make up a party of Boar, Gan, Golem and Lady Strange or whatever other high-authority party you choose)

#1 – Get your leadership to 60 in your guild’s mansion by recruiting the diplomat until you get that last point. Sometimes RNG is kind and you get it quickly, sometimes it takes days.

#2 – Bring your diplomat with you and do the commerce task for obscure agreements in your personal store (Turquoise Marsh) until both you and your diplomat hit 47 commerce.  Additionally, for a lower pot, you can do the trade for maestram at the secret dock in Berrywood Forest to get you and your diplomat to 49 commerce, but it’s a low chance.

#3 – Commerce pet (rabbit) Equip max scales + Max Jewelry (pics below)

(The frim irradiant (80) also gives 65 commerce so no need to waste it)

#4 – You’re going to want an assortment of large commerce potions. Here’s an example of some I keep on hand.  You want a variety because it takes awhile to get skill ups and there is a long cooling-down period so unless you want to burn through a bunch of BCs, the potion will only be used per task.

#5 You will need the following agreements:

-          commercial agreements
-          obscure agreements
-          hybrid agreements
-          naval agreements
-          commercial agreements

You will also need a whole lot of gold, since it’s 100g per task

#6 – The tasks are at Sinnerardo’s Oasis

The ones for levelling start at 65, then go to 69, then to 73
You can get to 78/78 commerce, more importantly you can get to 78/60 leadership which gives you 69 authority.

And that's how it's done.

If I missed anything, or you want me to add anything to the process, let me know in the comments.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Norstria Bosses

Norstria Bosses

Brigands of the Depths - Lufomir - Vernarson Farm - Underground Cave

Iriza - Dragon's Jaw - Ourakantir's Temple

The Owl (Felgorn Horror) - Dragon's Jaw - Felgorn Peak
(Costs 1000g to open, done at Jotungar Tomb in Cape-End-of-the-World)
Tips for killing the owl here

The Ancestor - (from Noroft Port to Lowenson Island) Falreich Creek

Den Bosses

Den Bosses

Skeletal Troglodyte - Behemoth Portal - G7

Gregorsteinus - Behemoth Moat - E1

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lanfar Bosses

Lanfar Bosses

Black top - Howling Swamps - (60,233)
(sometimes appears with more buddies)

The Sea Prowler - Hills of the Seven Mirrors - Wreckage of the Rotarian
(only place to get rodurar scales)

Crodor the Bear - Loudthunder Forest - Maliken's Forest Shelter

Araknidras - Giant Plains - Spider's Nest

White Catoblepas - Shortblades Mountains - Sacred Mine - D5
(Cato sand drops)

Royal Goat - Loudthunder Forest - The Plank
(royal horn drops)

Spies - Renaissance Mountains - Spy's Estate

Scorpidus - Huntingwood - Old Castle in Ruins

Higrann - Giant Plains - Tarsinith Laboratory  
(only place to get Higrann Perfume)

Watchmaker - Giant Plains - Library in Ruins

Wyvernus - Shortblade Mountains - Beast's Nest