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For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

(There Nightshade, are you feeling the love ;) )

The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

The new pets (april 2018)

Update April 23rd 2018-04-23

The pets add 1 point of skill to their assigned trade.  This is ON TOP of the "magic" you are already using.  Here's an example...

This is my jewelry skill, with a bracelet on for magic...
Then I add my new pet and watch the overall score as well as the "magic" section.

This is a really big deal! Not sure yet how it will affect max stats, but hopefully it allows for some new improvements

You can buy the horns needed at the fellowship of the falconers
Head to Hawkoria, Residential district,
That’s how you get the rabbit. Thank you OldManTom for the info!
You need to land on the right spots with the right horns in your bags.
Thanks to Ramin for this one!
Thanks to Navaforged for the rest of these locations! WOOT!