Welcome to my Therian Saga information page. I love this game, and I’m hoping to help you on your path.

For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

(There Nightshade, are you feeling the love ;) )

The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

Happy Gaming Folks!

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Hawkoria Item guide

Mainland of Hawkoria

     This page covers the facilities in Hawkoria.  Use the search function or ctrl+f to find whatever it is you’re looking for and it will show you what town/cave etc. it can be found in.  Please keep in mind, for selling, it will only show the things I had in my inventory to sell.

     Also, this list only goes as far as I’ve gone in the game, but for beginners it should be extremely valuable.  For the SELL lists, you can easily get an idea of what you can sell to the buyer (i.e. leathers, ampoules etc. by the other goods that I've listed under the SELL tab.

     Make sure whether what you are looking for is under the BUY or SELL tab.  

    If the item/service/skill you are looking for is in a place you haven’t found yet, search for the location using Shinhan’s Map.


Rhumbular (beer)
Rustic Fir Club
Rudimentary copper dagger
Rustic Pine Stake
Casadir Compass
Rustic soft leather short boots
soft leather chest
rustic soft leather coif
rustic soft leather arms
Soft leather legs
Cassiterite ore
tin nuggets
Recipe tin nuggets
recipe chisel
pine bellows
Fir Jewelry Mount
Tin Jewelry Mount
Small uncut Cassiterite
Marl Grindstone
Bronze Jewelry Pliers
Cassiterite Bracelet
Recipe: band
Template Cassiterite
Bronze Plane
Fir Plank
Copper Blade
Recipe: Bludgeon
Recipe: Handle
Fir Handle

Cervid Meat
Hare Meat
Misty Chub
Casadir Compass
copper sieve
Basic copper billhook
Small Uncut Malachite
The Jewelry Mount
Small Uncut Cassiterite
Soft Bone Jewelry Mount
Cedar log
Cedar Plank
Fir Plank
Fir log
Copper blade

Skills/Services Hire
Work at the inn Big Guy
Sleep at the inn Guide
Establish contacts in Craneharbor Haggle
Trade in Craneharbor
Smelt Cassiterite Cedar Planks
Cast Stone Chisels Fir Planks
Make a band
Cut a cassiterite
Basics of exploration
Basics of Leadership
Basics of woodworking
Life in the Plains
Work as a Falconer Agent

Make a Bludgeon
Mushroom cave quest
Make tenons for quest
Tenons Recipe (part of quest)

Cast a tin ingot
Trade: Jeweler

Berius Wood

Services Buy
Trade: Hunter
Hunting: Hunt a Hare Precise Copper Hunting Knife
Woodcutting: Cut Down a Yew Dead Hare
Woodcutting: Cut Down a Fir
Taming: Tame a Hulbur Basic Soft Leather Whip
Taming: Tame a Hare Carrot
Forest Survival: Train in Forest Basic Copper Billhook
Basics of Woodcutting: Train in Woodcutting
Bronze axe
Wood Trades starts here Technique: Fir
Forestry Manual
Find Orchis
Cut up a hare
Carve a bone Needle
Cut a Fir Log: Fir Plank
Woodcutting quest: Cut a cedar technique recipe
Make Tenons

Turnbull Mill

Field: Wood (Start of wood trade)
Cut Down a Fir tree
Cut Down a Pine Tree
Cut Down a Cedar Tree
Apprentice Lumberjack
Woodcutting Station
Trade: Carpenter
Apprentice Carpenter
Apprentice Woodworker
Woodworking station
Tin blades for firewood
Copper Blade for Fir Log and Firewood
Soft Leather for Pine Log
Recruit a forester
Recruit an artisan
Recruit a Laborer
Recruit a young forester (quest)
Technique:Recipe Maple (maple quest)
Technique: Recipe Pine  (Pine quest)
Technique: Recipe Oak (from quest)
Technique: Recipe Elm (from quest)

Bronze axe
Fir Log
Wood Bracelet
Bronze Saw
Iron Plane
Bronze Plane
Recipe Rondache
Copper Saw
Recipes/Techniques for sale
Technique: Fir
Recipe: Stake
Recipe: Club
Recipe Staff
Technique: Cedar
Recipe: Wall of planks
Recipe: Framework
Recipe Pile Foundation
Recipe Tenons
Recipe: Cedar Shingles
Recipe Shingle Roof
You can sell pretty much anything wood related and blades here
Pine Log
Leather Whip
bronze blades
fir tenons
fir log
cedar log
fir plank
copper blade
cedar plank
Will buy duplicate recipes in wood from you

Hunting Camp

Field: Fauna
Hunt a Stag
Hunt a Doe
Hunt a Hare
Fish for Misty Chub
Fish for Speckled Withefish
Fish for Sandrin
Tame a hare
Tame a Hulbor
Tame a Doe
Tame a Stag
Hunting Camp's Dormitory
Recruit a Forester
Barter carrot for 2 dead hares
Barter oatmeal for dead doe
Barter Copper Blade for 2 Speckled Whitefish

Buy Sell
Recipe: Bone jewelry mount Rhumbular
Wildlife Bracelet Whips
Butchery: Recipe Hare Torch
Butchery: Recipe Doe Blades
Butchery: Recipe Stag Bronze Plane
Copper Hunting Knife Bronze saw
Basic Soft Leather Whip eggs
Recipe: Bone Needle Scales
Cervid Meat
Wild Boar Meat
Bovine Meat
Bear Meat
Dead Hare
Dead Doe
(All dead animals)
(All meat)
(All skins and leathers)
(All Fish)
(All Manuals)
She'll buy pretty much anything 

Artisan's Farm

Artisan's Farm
Buy Sell
Soft Leather Hare Skin
Copper Blade Doe Skin
recipe: Leather Coif Copper Blade
Hare skin salt Tannin
Salt Tannin
Tanning: Hare
Bronze Awl
Copper Ingot  Casadir Compass
Basic Bronze Blacksmith's Hammer Torch
recipe: Dagger Besiary
Recipe: Blade Copper Sieve
Basic Copper Billhook
Pattern: Fabric shirt Precise Copper Hunting Knife
Pattern: Fabric pants
Motif Hemp Fabric All fabric
Pattern: Short Tabard All needles
Pattern: Long Cape All Fiber
Pattern: Coif
Motif: Cotton Fabric All bundles
Motif: Wool Fabric
Motif: Nettle Fabrid
Motif: Linen Fabric
Recipe: Flax
Recipe: Hemp
Recipe: Cotton
Recipe: nettle
Recipe: Band
Recipe: Ring
Recipe: Pendant
Recipe: Leather Coif
Recipe Leather gloves
Template: Cassiterite
Recipe: Leather Crakows
Field Fashioning
Apprentice Tailor
Apprentice Jeweler
Jewel Crafting
Apprentice tanner
Harvesting hemp
Harvesting flax
Barter get/give
Marlgrindstone/ 2 hemp bundles
Small Uncut Cassiterite/3 flax bundle
Soft Leather/4 hemp, 8 flax bundles
Frail bone jewelry mount/1 hemp, 8 flax
Copper Blade/12 linen fiber
Frail bone needle/ 1 hemp bundle
Trade Dressmaker
Weave Linen
Sleep in barn
Work at artisan's farm
Leather armory

Gourins' Farm

Buy Sell
Bronze spade cervid meat
Oatmeal hare meat
Flax bundle soft leather
All meat
Copper Ingot Casadir Compass
Basic Bronze Blacksmiths Hammer Torch
Recipe: Dagger Bestiary
Recipe: Blade Copper Sieve
Basic Copper Billhook
Soft Leather Hare Skin
Copper Blade Doe Skin
Recipe Leather Coif Salt Tannin
Hare Skin Copper Blade
Salt Tannin
Tanning Hare
Bronze Awl
Linen Fiber
Linen Fabric
Motif: Linen Fabric
Pattern: Coif
Bronze Scissors
Frail Bone Needle

Harvest Flax
Spin Flax
Make  leather coif
Tan a hare skin
Trade: Tanner Tanning
Trade Dressmaker
Weave linen
Basics of tanning
Basics of sewing

Strongmoton Estate

Strongmoton Estate

Buy  Sell
Recipe: Leahter Barbute Wild Pony (alive)
Recipe: Wall of cloth
Pattern: Fabric Bedding Harvest: Cotton
Pattern Fabric Banner

The Large White Flock

Large White Flock
Wool Fiber
Wool Bundle
Motif: Wool Fabric
Recipe: Wool
Soft Leather
Bronze Blade
Recipe: Leather Chest
Recipe: Leather Gloves
Recipe: Leather Arms
Recipe Leather Legs
Salt Tannin
Oak Tannin
Chrome Tannin
Tanning recipe: Doe
Tanning recipe: Stag
Tanning recipe: Wild Boar
Tanning recipe: Aurochs
Tanning: Bear
Precise Bronze Awl
Leather Armory
Apprentice Tanner

Pebble Bridge

Pebble Bridge

Bricolum: Plane (recipe)
Recipe: Salt Tannin
Bronze Compass
Bricolum: Compass (recipe)
Precise Copper Stone Chisel
Lump of Marl
recipe: Marl block
Copper Chisel
Precise copper saw
Recipe: Framework
Recipe: Shingle roof
Recipe: Wall of planks
Recipe: Wooden Foundation
Marl Block
Recipe: Foundation (masonry)
Recipe:Stone Wall (Masonry)
Recipe: Vault (Masonry)
Precise Copper Trowel

You can sell so many things here
Here is an idea on items to sell
Dead Stag
dead aurochs
Dead Wolf
skin (all skins)
All meat
all leather

Prepare a sketch (engineer)
Apprentice Mason
Apprentice Carpenter
Assemble a Framework
Assemble a Plank Wall
Apprentice Builder

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