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For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

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The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Golem's Mace

Therian Saga: Golem's Mace
Tips and Tricks

So you found out from Sapa Dell that there is a pretty awesome mace out there, somewhere in the mountains.  No clue as to where of course, and it is an off-site objective.  Shinhan's map doesn't show it... what to do?

-31, 302 and there he is, but he's a big bugger! So come at him fully loaded!

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  1. Thanks - really useful - I'd never got round to finishing this quest.