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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting Gaspard Walkthrough

Getting Gaspard Walkthrough

Getting Gaspard Walkthrough


This quest starts with the innkeeper in Heifieg (Den). She will give you the location of saskia’s house.



Head to Saskia’s house and speak to Saskia



Accept the quest “The Storm” from Saskia.

After accepting the quest, speak to the kitty Gaspard

Accept the quest “The unknown friend”

Collect the picture



Click on Saskia again and choose “The unknown friend” and finish it.


Go to the moccasin inn


Go to the third tab and click on “Wait for Amarane”



Amarane the traveller will appear.

Click on him and choose “Helping Saskia”

Accept the quest


Head to the small clearing


Speak to the chief investigator



Click on “explanations”

Accept the quest.

Choose one of the tasks to complete (15 spying, 40 leadership or 40 hunting +35 hunting)



Finish Explanations quest


Click on the Xanthe’s murder quest that appears after to finish the prior quest

Accept Xanthe’s Murder quest


Choose on of the three tasks to complete (40 hunting, 40 exploration, or 40 archeology + 35 forest)




After completing one of the tasks, click on the investigator and finish Xanthe’s Murder.


Go back to the moccasin inn


Find Amarane in the third tab and click on “helping saskia” then finish to complete this part of the quest.

Amarane will give you a new quest: The mysterious Prisoner.  Accept this quest.



Head to maliken Harbor and go to the falconer’s small fort



Speak to the investigator who has now moved from the small clearing to here




Click on the quest “The prisoner”.  Accept the quest.


Head straight to the Luxuriant Estate


On the second tab, choose one of the options (20 spying + 2 contracts or 40 leadership)



After completing the task, speak to the Noble and choose “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Finish the quest.


Go back to Maliken Harbor and speak to the investigator at the fort again.

Click on “the prisoner” and finish quest

Saskia will then appear in the window



Click on her and choose Saskia’s redemption.  Accept the quest

Go to the Dormitory District of Maliken Harbor and choose one of the tasks to complete. (25 commerce, 42 leadership or 22 spying + 34 urban)


Now go back to Saskia’s house in the Den.

Speak to Amarane



Click on the mysterious prisoner and finish the quest

Accept the quest “the last trail”


Go to the den doors and speak to Feldon.  Accept the quest about saskia and the slayers


Choose one of the 3 tasks to complete ( Spying 12, leadership 35 or blunt 45 + 33 mountain)

After completing the task, speak to feldon again and finish the quest “about saskia and the slayers”


Go back to Saskia’s house in the den

Go to the second tab and speak to Amarane again, finish the quest “the last trail”.

Accept the quest “Towards Bolgatur”


Go to Bolgatur Fortress



Speak to Gunnar in the first tab and accept the quest “The mystery of the missing stag”

Choose one of the 3 tasks to complete ( leadership 45, spying 20 or blunt 55 +38 urban)

After completing one of the 3 tasks, speak to gunnar again and finish the mystery of the missing stag.


Amarane will appear, speak to him and finish “Towards Bolgatur”

Go back to maliken harbor’s falconer’s fort and speak to saskia

Finish the quest “saskia’s redemption”

Finish the quest “The storm”

Go back to Saskia’s house in the den

Go to the second tab



Click on “Follow Gaspard”

Then click on gaspard, choose adopt a feline, and finish the quest

Tada! Gaspard, an awesome companion!

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