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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Full Grimaldaz Walkthrough

Full Grimaldaz Walkthrough

This is assuming you’ve already explored the area and discovered everything. If you haven’t, check out the map here.

** Important note: The Grimaldaz quest lines are amazing pearl resources.  I started out in grimaldaz with 622 pearls, by the time I was done this walkthrough I had 934pearls.  Over 300 pearls just from Grimaldaz... and since it's a great area for alts, that don't need a boar, it's a fast way to boost your pearls.

(It was mentioned in Global Chat that in order to get the quest to appear with Mave, you need to have completed Yraen quest, Orogoi (exorcism) and Ratkins quests)


Go see Mave in Hawkoria visitor’s district

Accept quest “Trouble in the South”


Travel to Shiver’s Frontier Post in Shiver Hills



Speak to Carolann and finish quest “Trouble in the South”

Accept the quest “Incursion into Dark Territories



Head to Strange Fort in shiver hills (by the marker)

 Accept the Quest “Search and Rescue” from the falconer.

(**At this point I would recommend you accept the quest for the gravedigger’s fingers from the “Staircase to nowhere” – you get the fingers from random encounters in Shiver Hills and other areas in Grimaldaz, so now is a good time to accept it since most of your running around for the next bit will be in Grimaldaz. Once you’ve accepted the quest, go to the Grim Pit and choose one of the tasks – You’ll get the “Raw Material’s secured” for the quest.  Go back to the Staircase to nowhere – finish the quest, keep accepting the quest necrophobia and completing it until it is left as an open quest.  You can bring the bones here as often as you have them for pearls and drizzles! You’ll get a lot on your adventures through the area.)


Head to 42, 101 and pick a task

a)      a) woodcutting 15 and hills 24

b)      hunting 15 and hills 24

c)      fight the undead.


Should you choose fight the undead, here’s what you’re up against



(crappy loot)

 Once you’ve completed your task, go back to Strange Fort and finish the quest Search and Rescue

 Accept the quests “Without traces” and “Battalion of darkness”

Go to Essemart Fortress and Enter the Fortress

 Speak to the skeleton and accept the quests “First defeat of the skeleton” and “skeletons Defeated”

Fight Osmos



(Crappy loot)

 Fight Osmos and his Accomplices



Finish the quest “Outer Tomb Clash”

Open the doors to the fortress and make your way to F3




Speak to the falconer and accept the quest “Cornered”

“Enter the guardhouse through the window” (25% body damage)

 Pick a task:

a)      Exploration 20, + 26 Urban

b)      Hunting 15, + 26 urban

 Pick another task:

a)      Blunt defense 22, + 26 urban

b)      15 archeology, + 26 urban

c)      Exploration 22, + 26 urban

Once you’ve completed both tasks, head back to F3

Speak to the falconer again and finish the quest “cornered”

Enter the guardhouse again, speak to the falconer and accept the quest

“Unravel the Essemart Mystery”

 Leave the Fortress

 Got to Apse Pond in the Turquoise Marsh and pick a task

a)      Archeology 18, + forest 28

b)      Taming 22, + forest 28

c)      Sewing 22, + forest 28

Once you’ve completed the task, go to the Abandoned Charming Mansion in Sentamau Forest

On the second tab, Search the Hanged Man’s Body

 (you will get the blue orb)

 Finish the quest “Surprise!”

Accept the quest “After death comes life”

Head to Aubevilla’s Cemetery in Desert of Hornets 

Go to the second tab accept the quest “A spiritual stew”.  Make sure you have 20 monstrinus fly wings in your bag, and finish the quest.

 Accept the quest “Spiritual light”

 Go to the 7th tab and do one of the tasks

a)      Exploration 26

b)      Engineering 18

c)      Stonecutting 20


Go back to the second tab and finish the quest Spiritual Light

 Pick one of the following task

#1 – Light a purple Fire: Needs the black shield, 10 Viperin, 1 pale blue dye and one pale red dye

#2 – Create a yellow flame: Needs the black shield, Pale yellow dye and 20 Yellow gargkul Powder.

 Pick one of these two tasks – I went with the yellow dye.

After finishing the Dye task, go to the 3rd tab and accept the quest “Spectral Murder”

 Accept quest “Classifieds”

 Go to Sleeping Lake in Shiver Hills

 Pick a task

a)      hunting 18, + 24 hills

b)      exploration 24, + 24 hills

c)      alchemy 10, + 24 hills

 Once you’ve completed the task and gotten the body of Merrugio a skeleton will appear – speak to the skeleton, accept the quest “Enchanted bow”

Head back to Essemart Fortress to the Guardhouse (F2)

Pick a task

a)      exploration 28, + 26 urban

b)      Jewelry 22, + 26 urban

c)      Commerce 18, + 26 urban

You’ll receive the bow, and the vala quest will be completed

Exit the guardhouse, and the fortress altogether

 Go back to the sleeping lake in shiver hills and finish the quest “The Vala Case”

Accept the quest “What’s in a name”

Travel to the Black Hut in Santamau Forest

 Speak to the druid and accept the quest “An Uncooperative Druid”

 Pick a task

a)      20 leadership, + 32 forest + 6g

b)      15 alchemy, + 32 forest + 4g + 20 high quality oak tannin

c)      15 commerce, + 32 forest + 4g + 5 clandestine agreements

Finish the quest

Accept the quest “Beyond Enchantment”



One you’ve collected the required goods, finish the quest

Go back to Sleeping Lake in Shiver Hills

 Finish the quest “What’s in a name”

Go to Aubevilla’s Cemetery and finish the quest “Classifieds”

Pick a task

a)      Taming 28 + 22 urban and letter

b)      Yraen, 32 leadership, 22 urban and 4g and letter

c)      32 exploration, 22 urban, +6g and letter

Finish the quest Spectral Murder

Go back to the Mansion in Sentamau Forest

Go to the 2nd tab and finish the quest “After Death comes life”

Go back to the Essemart Fortress.

 On Square C3 you will now have the option to Summon the ghost to open the door.


You can now enter the area that was unavailable earlier

 Summon the ghost to open the door

 Go to square D2 and speak to the ghost. Accept the quest Completing the manuscript

 1st parchment is located at D1

 Pick a task

a)      32 exploration + 30 urban

b)      24 taming + 30 urban

c)      25 engineering + 30 urban


2nd parchment is located at C1

Pick a task

a)      30 exploration + 30 urban

b)      25 leadership + 30 urban

c)      Or fight


3rd parchment is located at E3

Pick a task

a)      Exploration 33 + 24 urban

b)      30 woodworking + 24 urban

c)      25 engineering + 24 urban

Once you’ve collected all 3 parchments, return to D2 and speak to the ghost again.

Finish the quest “Completing the manuscript”

 Accept the quest “In the footsteps of Cantella”

 Leave the fortress and go to Naasaari Circle in Sentamau Forest

Pick a task

a)      28 archeology + 35 forest

b)      32 botany + 35 forest

c)      32 leadership + 35 forest

Head back to the fortress yet again, back to square D2 and finish the quest “In the footsteps of Cantella”

This will yield the Turgmush woodcutting technique

Go to the guardhouse INSIDE Essemart fortress, F2 and finish the quest “Unravel the essemart mystery”

Leave the fortress and go back to Strange Fort in Silver Hills

Finish the quest “The Battalion of Darkness”

Head over to Tenebralis Stair in the Sentamau Forrest and meet Tordek! Isn’t he cute!?!



Accept the quest “The knight, the fugitives and the horror”

Pick a task

a)      38 hunting + 38 cave

b)      45 hunting + 38 cave

c)      36 leadership + 36 cave + 2g


Finish the quest then accept the quest “In the footsteps of the wolves”

Tordek is now in your party – go to the Iktar Camp

 Pick a task

a)      leadership 28 +38 forest

b)      35 hunting + 38 forest

c)      Fight

Finish the quest “In the footsteps of the wolves”

Accept the quest “The fresh air of the mountains”

Pick a task

a)      38 exploration + 40 mountain

b)      33 hunting + 40 mountain

c)      33 extracting + 40 mountain

Finish the quest, then accept the quest “The damned, the marauders and the madman”

Travel to the marauders kingdom

Accept the quest “Negotiating with Death”

Pick a task


a)      33 commerce + 42 urban + 50g

b)      38 engineering + 42 urban

c)      Or fight


Finish the quest

Speak to Tordek and finish the quest The damned, the marauders and the madman” to get the Grimalroc Block recipe.

Go to Ang Woodland in the Shiver hills and Accept the Quest “Long long way from home”

Go to the Shivers Frontier Post and pick a task


a)      Commerce 15 + 15 urban + 1.5g

b)      25 exploration + 15 urban

c)      25 hunting + 15 urban


Return to Ang Woodland and finish the quest “Long Long way from home”

Accept the Quest “the perfect location” – accept the quest for all 3 locations.

Go to 25,112 and pick a task


a)      30 exploration + 24 hills

b)      20 carpentry + 24 hills

c)      Or fight


Go to 29, 119 and pick a task


a)      30 exploration + 24 hills

b)      29 pierce offense + 24 hills

c)      25 hunting + 24 hills


Go to 42,99 and pick a task


a)      30 taming + 24 hills

b)      27 carpentry + 24 hills

c)      24 engineering + 24 hills


Go back to Ang Woodland and complete all 3 locations quests, then complete the perfect location quest.


Go to Unhappy Bush in Sentanau Forrest


Accept the quest “So close to the goal”

Travel to 77-117 and speak to the falconer. Accept the quest “the survivor” – Exchange 5 healing ampoules to complete the quest – if you need to, go to hawkoria city to get the ampoules, then head to the Frog’s pond to complete the quest.  There is a trick/problem here – you can only have 5 ampoules of the same kind in total in your bag – so either head to your house and store all other healing ampoules other than the 5 you are using for the quest, or throw them away until you have only 5 of one type of healing ampoule.


Once the quest is complete, accept the quest Broken Vial / Gheude's treasure

 Go back to 77-117 and pick a task


a)      24 woodcutting + 30 forest

b)      28 exploration + 30 forest

c)      24 hunting + 30 forest


Once you’ve completed the task, go back to Frog’s Traverse and finish the quest

Accept the quest “The words of the druids”

Go to Shanzori Circle in the Turquoise Marsh and accept the quest “True and False”

Pick a task

a)      25 herbalism +30 swamp

b)      20 commerce + 30 swamp + 6g

c)      25 leadership +30 swamp + 12g

Finish the quest then go back to frog’s traverse and either give the falconer the fake potion or the true potion.

Finish the quest “the words of the druid”

Go to the unhappy bush and give Lhassa the remaining potion and finish the quest

Go to Luce the Slow’s Tower in Desert of Hornets

Accept the quest “Luce’s Treasury”

Pick a task

a)      Engineering 22 + 18 desert

b)      25 extracting + 18 desert

c)      22 archeology + 18 desert

Finish the quest for the third patrol

Go back to Strange Fort in Shiver Hills

Finish the quest Without Traces

Finish the quest The Conclusions of Borkan

Go to Shivers Frontier Post

Finish the quest “Incursion into dark territories”

Go back to the Frog’s Traverse in Sentamau Forest

Accept the quest “Abominable Tortolion”

Go to Naasaari Circle in Sentamau Forrest


Accept the quest The Hunt for the Skeletic Predator


Pick a task


a)      Hunting 30 + 35 Forest

b)      Engineering 20 + 35 forest

c)      Leadership 25 + 35 forest + 15 Red Tail Cod


Finish the quest The Hunt for the Skeletic Predator


Fight the Skeletic Tortolion





Head back to the Frogs Traverse


Finish the quest Abominable Tortolion

That's it for Grimaldaz for now.  Happy Hunting!





















  1. ok I got stuck don't have the black shield & don't know where to find it

  2. If anyone takes a break and comes back lost like I did, the second patrol is at Apse Pond. It took me a while to figure out what I missed.

  3. The purple dye path requires 10 viperin
    10 fustian fabric
    5 hq frail needles
    optional 4 arch manuals