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For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

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The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Walkthrough for Strange Lady comp

Walkthrough for Strange Lady comp

From april 23rd 2018 update

Quest Walkthrough

Map of sites in Hangman's woods

Start at Shiver’s Frontier Post (entrance to grimaldaz)

Speak to the falconer and accept the quest “Protecting the Treasure Hunters”

Go to Luce’s tower

Finish the Quest “Protecting the treasure hunters”

Accept the quest “The Strange Assault”

Accept the quest “Many wounded”  Must have 20 of the same healing vials… I recommend dropping off the rest of your vials in your concession then coming back with 20+ of the same kind

Finish the quest “Many Wounded”

Head over to the Sylvan Cemetery In Hangman’s wood

Accept the quest “Vanished Zombies”

44,74 – Hunt the living dead/look for the zombies tracks

52-77 – Spot the corrupted therianic energy

From what I can tell there are only these 3 tasks, and no matter where you land there is a cooldown on them. If you find a forth task please leave a comment in the comments section,

Once you’ve gotten your 10 tracks, return to the Sylvan Cemetery and finish the quest “Vanished Zombies”

Accept the quest “Gaining on the Zombies”

Head over to Camp Dejardo and pick a task

  1. 36 hunting + 50 forest
  2. 31 alchemy + 50 forest
  3. Fight
    Finish the quest “Gaining on the zombies”
    Accept the quest “The eye under the stairs”
    Accept the quesr “Descent into the unknown”
    Pick a task:

  1. 44 exploration + 50 forest
  2. 37 hunting + 50 forest
  3. 34 carpentry + 50 forest
    Finish the quest “Descent into the unknown”
    Accept the quest “The door to the unknown”
    Pick a task:

  1. 46 hunting + 50 forest
  2. 49 leadership + 50 forest
  3. 39 alchemy + 50 forest
    Finish the quest “The door to the unknown”
    Speak to the hooded character and accept the quest “The unknown from the depths”
    Pick a task

  1. 37 metascience + 50 forest
  2. 50 leadership + 50 forest
  3. Fight
    Finish the quest “The unknown from the depths”
    You can now summon the strange lady
    Finish the quest “The eyes under the stairs”
    Return to Luce’s tower and finish the quest “The strange assault”


  1. 47,75 Find Zombie tracks

  2. 43,74 Find Zombie tracks (2-4, 75%) 33 Hunting