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Monday, May 2, 2016

Behemoth Gorge/Portal Walkthrough and everything else

Behemoth Gorge/Portal
New Dungeon release May 1st 2016-05-02
WARNING: This is full of spoilers within a very detailed walkthrough. If you want to discover some of these things on your own, you might want to back out now.
***HINT*** If you want to do a lot less running around, have a polymath and Yraen in your party before you start the quests to open the Behemoth Gorge Dungeon.
First off you must have completed the den quests for this quest to appear.  You need to have met with the archduke if I understand this correctly.
Second, you need a polymath recruited from the Den.
Once you’ve gotten your polymath in your party, you can head back to the gorge to finish the quest.

Finish the quest and a new quest appears: A cable to reach the stars
So you were sent to get the polymath, now you need to go get Yraen back into your party. On a bright note, you can drop off your polymath again.
Bring Yraen back to the Behemoth Gorge to get this quest:
Now go to the City of Hawkoria and there is a new tab in the Visitor’s District
You will need to complete a task.  (52 leadership or 40 archeology or 20 commerce (plus 12 naval agreements, all require 4 urban)

Choose your task and complete it.
Speak to Upteth Assalan and accept the quest “assalans’ winch
Finish the quest and go back to Behemoth gorge.  (you can drop off Yraen now)
Finish quest A Cable to Reach the Stars
Accept the quest The Third wish from the Engineer (it suggests you use polymath to help with the quests the quests call for engi or leadership, so yraen and the poly can both come in handy here)
Pick a task to complete: 50 leadership, 38 cave, 12 kbor nuggets, 3 gold ingots and 3 eli ingots or 50 foundrywork, 38 cave, 12 kbor nuggets, 3 gold ingots and 3 eli ingots.
The task takes over an hour to finish.
You now have to choose another task

Choices are 50 engineering and 38 cave or 50 leadership and 38 cave
After you’ve chosen and completed the task, another set of tasks appear
Choices are 35 engineering, 38 cave or 50 leadership, 38 cave and 125gold
This task takes 3.5 hours
Finish the quest The Third Wish from the engineer.
The Dungeon appears on the map and you get yet another quest.  This one has the volriziar glass recipe as a reward!
Accept the quest and head to the Behemoth Portal (or go swap out your comps for fighters first)
Enter the Behemoth Portal
In square b4 you get a quest.  Accept the quest.  Choices to complete quest are 35 taming, 45 cave OR 35 extracting, 45 cave, OR give the lizard an endurance ampoule, a mobility ampoule and a healing ampoule.
Once you choose your task, complete the quest and a new quest appears.
Choose to follow Beutelgheu

Move forward one space to find the Beutelgheu again
Accept the quest “Rat in the wall”
You’ll have a choice of tasks
32 engi + 45 cave OR 40 exploration +45 cave OR 35 taming +45 cave
Pick your task, complete it and finish the quest
A new quest will appear, accept the quest “Hunt the intruder”
Unlock the wall
Go one square further to D5
Pick your task  - choices are: Fight the strange rat,  OR 25 leadership, 49 cave AND 8 wotjiq milk, OR 40 hunting and 49 cave.
If you choose to fight, here is what you’re getting yourself into
(One hit from each boar killed him for me)
Go back to the previous room and use the hexagonal prism
Speak to Beutelgheu again and finish the Hunt the Intruder Quest
Go to A6 and choose climb westward
This will bring you back to Beutelgheu and he has a new quest for you
Accept the quest The Egghead Reptile
Pick up the pages with holes
Now we must go out of the dungeon and back to the archduke to decipher the pages
Accept the quest The Secret Life of Holes
Go to the Wolos Community in Den (a quest number should appear beside it)
Speak to Retta
Accept the quest A Father and an Archeologist
Go to the guard station in Den
Speak to Fanwok Greybeard and finish the quest A father and an archaeologist
Accept the new quest that appears, The Seneshcal’s Archives
Head to the Black River in the den and complete one of the tasks
Choices: 35 spying and 40 cave, OR, 20 commerce, 40 cave and 30gold, OR 4 odiemel ingots.
Once you’ve chosen your task and completed it, head to the Beer Sisters in  Henfieg
Choose your task: 45 leadeship + 45 urban,OR, 45 exploration + 45 urban OR 30 commerce + 45 urban + 10gold

Once you’ve picked your task and completed it, head to the immured market in the Den.
Choices at the Immured Market are: leadership 45 + 33 urban, OR 20 commerce + 33 urban + 15gold OR 10 small uncut ice tears.

Once you’ve completed you chosen task go back to the guard station
Finish the quest “The Seneschal’s Archives”
Go back to the ducal palace and finish the quest with the archduke
Finish the quest “The secret like of holes”
Accept the new quest At His Lordship’s Secret Service
Head to Heinfeig
Accept the quest On Zobrak’s trail
Pick a task  - Choices: Sell 5 3carat small garnets, OR 35 spying, OR 45 hunting OR
50 exploration 
Once you’ve chosen and completed your task, finish the quest.  A new quest will appear. 
Accept the quest Explore the Smuggler’s tunnel.
The tasks involve fighting, or 50 hunting. You need 10 searched tunnels so doing multiples is a good choice.
One of the possible fights (which takes 5 minutes to appear)
The second fight which takes 15 mins to appear
The Hunting task takes 45 mins to complete.
There is a 3 hour cooldown between each task.
Once you get your tunnel searches done, finish the task “Explore the smugglers’ tunnel”
Accept the quest The Liberation of Zobrak
Choose your task: Fight, OR, exploration 50, OR, Leadership 50
Here is the fight
With some very nice loot
Once you’ve finished your chosen task, complete the quest
Then finish the At his Lordship’s Service Quest
Accept A Report for the Archduke
Go back to Ducal Palace and speak to the archduke
Finish Seal of the archduke
Finish Unusual instructions
Head back to the Behemoth Portal and return to the square with the lizard waiting for you
Speak to the lizard and finish the quest The Egghead Reptile
Complete the quest Follow Beutelgheu
From here I just travelled along the south edge.  It brought me here
At this spot, G7, there were options.
Choices: Fight, OR 15 metascience, 55 cave and 4 pearls, OR 50 extracting and 55 cave
Here is the fight
After you choose your task, speak tot the skeleton and accept the quest “To end with death”
Head out of the room and Activate the torch holder
You can now dig these plants out here
Time to leave the dungeon again and head to maliken harbour
Go to the thousand hands district and speak to archibad scientus
Accept the quest Necromantic Ritual
Provide the loot and finish the quest then head back to the behemoth portal
Go back down to G7 and revisit the skeleton
Choose the option “Purify the corrupted energy”

Finish the quest to get your reward, and now you can fight the skeleton!
Loot from this boss fight
Rushed and did it again

Other loot from boss fights contributed by players

Demonic Bones (Nobius)

Gala Nuggets  (Aeschylus)

Xuran Lumps  (Aeschylus)

Krya Nuggets (Valerian)

Olkgu Fabric  (Woody)

Head to F5
Speak to the cute little dude there
Accept the quest “Fragmented Fresco”
You’ll have the options for ways to get pieces here
Choices: 48 taming, 53 cave, -30% health +40 blunt +53 cave, 40 engineering +53 cave

You can get fresco pieces by travelling around and fighting beetles in the dungeon
Once you’ve gotten the pieces and done your task, finish the quest
Go back and open the secret passage

Then search the bodies
30 exploration + 55 cave
Next move on to square E4
Accept the quest Troglodyte Memory
Head out of the dungeon and go to the Den’s Academy
Choose one of the tasks
45 alchemy + 8 mazhevite + 2 solone sap +8 troll claws + 8 star of juton
Herbalism 45 + 12 mandrake + 12 viperin + 1 solone sap, + 12 lamden
Leadership 55 + 5 mashevite, + 1 solone sap + 5 troll claws + 5 star of juton
Once you create your potion, go back to the gorge to square E4 to see the troglodyte
Finish the quest Troglodyte Memory
Use the kryanod key
Search the room – 45 exploration, 60 cave
Go back to the troglodyte and accept the quest “The Explorers’ grave”
Go north two spaces to E2
Pick a task
a)      Fight
b)      45 hunting +55 cave + 10 bovine meat + 10 barkhein meat
c)      One melandin frame, + 45 engineering + 55 cave
The Fight
After the defeat, Gendrick will appear.  Accept his quest A Murderous Lesson

Search the Graves: 40 explore +55 cave
Accept the quest The Murder Weapon
Head to square G2
Accept the quest “Open the wall” from the skeletal hands
Next head north the G1
Pick a task
a) 55 exploration + 59 cave
b) 42 archeology + 59 cave
c) 48 hunting +59 cave
Once you pick and complete your task, go to square H3 and speak to the Stone guy
Accept the quest “Without own will”
Finish the quest
Accept the quest “a few more underground meters”
Craft the golem a necklace  - 32 jewelry, 59 cave, kdel clasp, 2 carat small sapphire
(task takes 13mins)
Once you make the necklace, finish the quest
Now head back to where the lizard took you
Pick a task
A)    55 exploration + 47 cave
B)    38 archeology + 47 cave
C)    40 engineering + 47 cave
Return to square G2
Finish the quest “open the wall”
Activate the skeletal hands
Go south one more square and trade the sapphire dust

Finish the quest
Head back to E2

Finish the quest The Murder Weapon
Finish the quest A murderous Lesson (Volca block recipe, woot!)
Go back to the troglodyte at square E4 and finish the quest

Leave the dungeon and head back to the behemoth gorge
Finish the quest “The Forgotten” for the Volri Glass recipe!
End of quests
Look below for a list of mobs and loots 

Dungeon baddies:
New Plants drop
Loot drops:
This is the loot that dropped while I was walking around.  Some of it useless, some of it awesome, and some things are probably down here that I haven’t seen yet.  But this should give a general idea.
It’s in alphabetical order, not order of coolness factor.
Alchemideon Plasma
Ampoules (different kinds)
armor, weapons, clothes - nothing worth mentioning, if so I will mention it individually
assassin mandibles
barkhein meat
blacknester fiber
borm sand
centaur tear
cotton fiber
dead barkhein
dead chimera
dead vargr
domane ingot
domane nuggets
dream drizzle
elementary heart
eliandel eater sting
eliandel nuggets
empty vials
foggy pearls
galandor nuggets
Galandrite ore
Gargkul ash
Gargkul powder
Gold (Variety of drops)
grizzly claw
hematite ore
hemp fiber
hemp tabard
ice tear
linen fiber
lithosnow stone
lump of diorite
lump of iriantanild
lump of lanferite
mohair fiber
nuert log
nuert plank
odiemel nuggets
oliator sap
olkznar fiber
rigid leather
sacred scavenger eyes
silk fiber
silvain spirit essence
snake eye
unicorn tear
vargard bone
Vials (different kinds)
volcano heart
waxed cotton faulds
wingu cable
wool fiber


  1. E2 fight: [Icegirl]: 17:22: You get: 2x Goldendart Honey, 1x Oliater Sap, 7x Wingu Fabric, 1x Tomb guardian is defeated

    H3 necklace - accepts higher carat as well

  2. Oliater Sap from Boss ~ Icegirl

  3. You forgot something:
    "Pick a task to complete: 50 leadership, 38 cave, 12 kbor nuggets, 3 gold ingots and 3 eli ingots or 50 foundrywork, 38 cave, 12 kbor nuggets, 3 gold ingots and 3 eli ingots."
    --> The leadership Task costs 75 Gold, so its much better to do it with foundrywork!!