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Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

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The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting Rowan

Getting Rowan

Go to Halmvik to the High Hobrad disctrict
Accept the quest “The assassination of the Hedgehog

 This will open up options for quests to “Gather evidence” and/or “Interrogate Witnesses”

Pick your task and complete it

1 – Archeology 32 + 42 Urban + 4g
2 – Exploration 38 +42 Urban +4g
3 – Hunting 35 + 42 Urban

Interrogate witnesses
In first tab

-          25 leadership + 42 urban

In Second Tab

-          40 leadership + 46 urban + 5g

-          40 leadership + 46 urban +3g

In third tab

-          40 leadership + 45 urban

Over to the Long Hobrad district

Second tab only

30 Leadership + 40 Urban
33 leadership + 40 urban + 4g

Over to the Traveller’s Hobrad District
2nd tab only (the inn)
33 leadership + 44 urban + 4g
Finish the tasks you’ve chosen to do and report back to Dultan in the High Hobrad to hand in the quest.
Accept the quest Survey in the Depths

 Go to the builder’s road district and accept the quest Help the    Investigators

 Convince Arancor by picking a task.

    -          Cerry + 8g
-          Leadership 50 + 5g
-          40 Spying 

Finish your task, report to Arancor, and accept the new quest The Entrance to the Lower Depths

Go one tab over to the Encounter of the Other Kind
Speak to Hector and accept the quest My Eyes and Ears

 Head to the Academy and pick your task

    1)      25 spying
2)      35 archeology
3)      38 leadership + 5g 

Complete your task then move to the courthouse (2nd tab) and pick your task

-          32 spying + 41 urban
-          5 nordic agreements
-          35 archeology + 41 urban + 2g 

Complete your task then head to The Common house (3rd tab)

Pick your task 

-          Spying 35 + 40 Urban
-          38 hunting + 40 urban
-          38 leadership + 40 urban + 10g 

Complete your task then head back to the builders road and turn in the quest My Eyes and Ears to Hector 

Accept the quest “About a certain Key” from Aeyoa

Go one tab over on the Builders Road and choose Sign of the Bull from Arancor
Nothing drastic here, just click the quest and it’s done

Head to the inn at the travellers hobrad and speak to Lamya.  Choose A bull. Again just click it and finish.

Head over to the Long Hobrad and speak to Romvald.  Choose Sign of the cuckoo. Finish it.

Head over to the Silvery Hobrad and speak to Fallon. Choose sign of the Dove.  Finish it.

Head back to the Traveller’s road, speak to Aeyoa again and finish the quest About a Certain Key. 

Go one tab over and speak to Arancor again, finish the quest The Entrance to the lower depths. 

This will open Vernarson Farm on your map

Enter Vernarson Farm

Descend to the lower depths
Head to the lighted room
Pass through the eastward frame
Go down the steep slope
Continue Eastward
Continue Eastward again
Head to the Park
Enter the House to the North
Go through the North Window
Head for the beams
Follow the sound of flowing water
Head towards the tree silhouette
Go inside the chapel
Here you will find Rowan 

Accept the quest “My Capture”
Exit the chapel
Head to the underground watercourse
Head for the beams


-          50 engineering + 58 urban
-          Have Mister Golem (from den quest) + 40 leadership +58 urban
-          Archaeology 44 +58 urban 

Choose your task and complete it to receive the “failed attempt”
Head to the barracks
Go towards the wall
More options

Pick a task

-          48 leadership + 50 urban
-          40 spying + 50 urban
-          60 blunt + 50 urban

Pick your task and complete it
Speak to rowan and finish the quest “My Capture”
Rowan will become an inactive part of your party

You need to get to the entrance of the lower depths at this point – either flee your next fight or go back through the depths.

If you flee – enter vernarson farm, descend to the lower depths, which will take you to rowan at the Lower Depths Entrance

Accept the quest “The right thing”

Finish the quest and exit the lower depths. Exit the farm and head back to Halmvik

Go to high hobrad and speak to Dultan

Finish the quest Survery in the Lower Depths 

Rowan will disappear from your party

Go to the Builders Road to the second tab


 Speak to Rowan and choose Shake the Assassin’s Hand and voila!

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