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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Behemoth Moat Quest

Behemoth Part 2 Walkthrough
Go to behemoth portal (chances are you have to have completed the other behemoth quests first – you can find the walkthrough here)

**Remember, this is just the order I did things in, you don't have to follow the way I did it**
Head to square H3 and speak to the Guardian Golem to open the new floor
The world map will reveal a new location
Choose - Exit the portal
Head over to the Behemoth Moat
Enter the moat and speak to the cultist
Accept the quest and then check out the new dungeon map
Choice of options
-          Hunting 53 + 55 cave
-          Spying 42 + 55 cave
-          Or this fight
Loot from this fight
Speak to the cultist and finish the quest
Choose “Use the raft of the cultists”
There is a pierce off boss here – we can now get our pierce higher than 100. WOOHOO.
Capture the floating corpse – exploration 48 + sea 32
Return to the entry of the cavern
Speak to the Animated Body and accept the quest Betrayed by the cult
Pick a task
-          Exploration 56 + cave 55
-          Engineering 47 + cave 55
-          Hunting 50 + cave 55
Finish your task, finish the quest.
Accept the quest “The cultist assassin”
Use the raft of the cultists
Reach the main island
Speak to the trig cultist and accept the quest “Secret hoard”
Task – Leadership 56, cave 54 (20% chance at evidence, 2 hour cooldown)
You can pick directions to sail in from each square adjacent to C3
On square E2  - 48 spying + 63 cave (quantity 2, 40% for evidence)
On square A2 – 54 hunting + 60 cave (quantity 1-3 for  75% for evidence  -2 hour cooldown)
Once you’ve gotten all of your evidence, go back to main entrance (C1)
Speak to the animated body and finish the quest “The cultist assassin”
Accept the quest Pragmatism
Square E4 to find Theodora’s orb and manuscript 
Pick a task
-          hunting 51 + 64 cave
-          alchemy 44 + 65 cave
-          Fight
Head back to square C3 and give finish Secret Hoard with the cultist
Accept the quest Theodora’s secret
This will open up a new location in Juton forest in Nostria
Exit the moat and head to norstria
Pick a task
-          58 archeology + 55 urban
-          62 hunting + 55 urban
-          22 metascience + 55 urban
Speak to hippie Trogolodyte and accept the quest “Pass through the trees)
Pick a task
-          64 exploration + 55 urban
-          62 woodcutting + 55 urban
-          62 hunting + 55 urban
Finish the quest
Accept the quest “Presence in the shadows”
Pick a task
-          62 engineering + 55 urban
-          65 hunting + 55 urban
-          Fight
Finish the quest
Accept the quest “The light at the end of the tunnel”
Pick a task
-          64 taming + 55 urban
-          65 alchemy + 55 urban
-          68 exploration + 55 urban
Finish the quest
Accept the quest “Final Experience”
Pick a task
-          57 leadership + 55 urban (reward 4 volcanite lumps)
-          68 alchemy + 55 urban (reward 4 irandgard root)
-          Fight
Finish the quest
Go back to Behemoth Moat
Go to square C3 and finish the quest “Theodora’s Secret”
Go to square E2 and speak to Pierce
Accept the quest Kraken Boom
Pick a task
-          Spying 53 + cave 63
-          Hunting 62 + cave 63
-          Alchemy 53 + cave 63
Finish the quest ad accept the new quest “One beer to rule them all”
Head to maliken harbour – the 1000 hands district, 3rd tab, and speak to archibad
Accept the quest “Belated Intervention” (4g)
Finish the quest and speak to the angry adventurer
Accept the quest “Justice for my friends!”
Pick a task
-          slash defence 58
-          alchemy 56
-          leadership 55
Finish the quest “Justice for my friends!”
Speak to Archibad again and accept the quest “The antidote”
(Requires 10 pisengele, 5 camezzor and 5 oliater sap)
Finish the quest
Accept the quest “The choice of ingredients”
Head over to Maliken’s Forest shelter and speak to Anna Dalla
Accept the quest “Understand the source of the disease”
Pick a task
-          leadership 59 + forest 20
-          engineering 60 + forest 20
-          botany 49 – forest 20
Finish the quest
Go back to Maliken Harbour’s 1000 hands district and finish the quest “the choice of ingredients”
Go back to behemoth moat
Go back to square E2 and complete the quest “One beer to rule them all” with Pierce
Go to A2 and speak with Hyad – Accept the quest “Suspicious Assassins”
Pick a task
-          50 spying + 60 cave
-          40 leadership + 60 cave
-          12 metascience + 60 cave
Finish the quest Suspicious Assassin
Accept the quest “A diverging story”
Go to Bulgator Fortress
Go to the 3rd tab and speak to Laek the woodsman
Finish the quest “a diverging story”
Accept the quest “mistaken about the victim”
Go to elisime ruins
Go to D1 in elisime ruins
Pick a task
-          commerce 49 + 24 urban + 50g
-          exploration 56 + 24 urban
-          fight
Go back to Bulgator Fortress and finish the quest “Mistaken about the victim”
Accept the quest “Destination Truth”
Go back to Behemoth Moat
Go to A2 and speak to Hyad, Finish the quest “Destination Truth”
Accept the quest “Infiltration”
Go to the entrance of the moat, C1, and speak to the Animated Body
Finish the quest “Missing Hyad”
Accept the quest “A creative solution”
Leave the moat and go to sheercliff quarry
Go to the third tab and finish the quest “A creative solution”
Accept the quest Therianic Knowledge
Once you have the ingredients, head to Marauders Kingdom in grimaldaz
Speak to the strange druid and finish the quest Therianic Knowledge
Accept the quest “The monstrous son”
Accept the quest “High quality corpses”
Accept the quest “Energetic storm”
Go to the Naasaari Circle in Santamau forest and pick a task
-          Engineering 45 + 35 forest + 250g
-          Foubndrywork 50 + 35 forest + 40 blueroc nuggets
Go to Krondrakane valley in the Noworry Mountains and pick a task
-          Archeology 50 +52 plains
-          55 hunting + 52 plains
-          15 metascience + 52 plains
Go back to Marauders Kingdom and finish the quests “energetic storm” and “High quality corpses”.
Finish “The monstrous son”
Accept the quest “Return to the source”
Go back to Behemoth Moat
Speak to the animated body and finish the quest “Return to the source” (c1)
Gregor leaves your party here and appears in the window – accept his quest “The transformation”
Pick a task
-          25 metascience + 55 cave  (yields pearla)
-          52 engineering + 55 cave (yields kbor nuggets)
-          60 blunt defense + 55 cave (yields demonic bones)
Finish the quest The Transformation
Speak to the animated body again and accept the quest “The flight of Gregorsteinus”
Go to square E2 and speak to pierce. Finish the quest “Raft for Nil”
Use Pierce’s raft
Speak to the guardian and accept the quest “My spirit rests in peace:
Pick a task
-          56 leadership + 40 sea
-          40 metascience + 40 sea
-          Fight
(forgot to get a pic from the fight – will grab it when I do it on another toon)
Finish the quest “My spirit rests in peace”
You can re-fight the Gregorsteinus
Go back to the entrance (C1) and finish the quest “The flight of the gregorsteins”
Accept the quest “The problem of allies”
Pick a task
-          Attack Carak
-          Attack Zarova
-          Remain Neutral  - 55 spying + 55 cave
I chose to attack Carak
Talk to Zarova and finish the quest “Zarova’s Thanks”
Speak to the animated body again and finish the quest “a problem with allies”
Notice the new companion!
Now go to E4 and finish the quest “infiltration” with Hyad
I think that’s it! If I missed anything, let me know J


  1. Two other Options for getting the Energetic storme : (German only)
    at Location Shanzori Circle

  2. BTW I didnt saw any difference between
    - Attack Carak
    - Attack Zarova
    Maybe some new quests in the future will be affected by this decision... You will get the owl in any case.

  3. For Hyad, the 40 leadership + 60 cave task apparently requires Rowan to be in the team.

  4. is there a loot drop list for this dungeoun like you made for behemoth1?