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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to level up on skills

How to level up on skills


Levelling in this game is a main focus.  Everyone wants to level, and quickly.  You may find you are doing the same task over and over and not getting anywhere… (Yes Jhonny, I’m talking about you :P )


First off, you need to see if levelling is even a possibility on that task.  And this is how you do that.


Click on the task to do then look at the shield in the upper left corner.



See how I have a green arrow there? That means I can level up on this skill.


A red or blue arrow means I can level up as well, but the chances aren’t as likely.  To see what your chances of levelling up are, hover over the arrow



So I have an 84.4% chance of levelling up by doing this task.


That’s the quickest and easiest way for beginners to know if they can level up on a task.


But what if you have no arrow at all? Well then you need to go to a higher difficulty task. So let’s see how high of a task I can do here…


We can do that by clicking on our character screen and hovering over the skill



See how my skill is at 7? There is 5 points room for improvement – so any task I do from 3 higher gives me a chance of levelling up.  The higher I go, the better off my levelling percentage will be.


So what if you can’t do the next higher task, because your overall skill isn’t high enough to reach it? Well that’s where accessories come into play.  Many different features can help you raise your effective skill (effective skill on the above image is where you see the number 12). So what can help you?


  • The tool for that trade (you can see my sieve above) but you can only use a tool up to 15 points higher than your actual skill. (actual being the number 7 on my screen shot)
  • Jewelry – different jewelry offers different skill bonuses. I’m wearing a deep stone bracelet which is giving me an extra 4.3 skill to my prospection in the picture above.
  • Camp – that means a location bonus.  So if I was in my home and I had mine set up, it would offer me a bonus. Some NPC places have bonuses too, so make sure to check that when you are looking to level.
  • Companions.  Different companion have different skill sets, for example I should have a labourer with me here to up my prospection skill.  The labourer would level up with me as I worked and add to my effective skill.


I hope I’ve explained this well enough to be understandable.  It’s a little complicated and I rushed it.  If I missed something, please let me know.


  1. To be precise, the arrow and up chances relates to the chances to raise the skill related to the task.
    The terrain also required for the task can also be upped but that is not shown by an arrow nor represented in the up %.

  2. Do you know how to improve the Plains skill? I am in Lanfar and in most areas you just wander around until attacked and this gradually increases the skill level for that land type for you and any companions (where relevant). However I never get attacked in the Giant Plains so my Plains skill never increases.

    1. Actually answered my own question - go to Dunvariel Garden with a botanist and Swordsman as the Plain level here is 25. Do whatever botany tasks you can and the Plains skill for the Swordsman and your character will increase. It will still probably be less than 30 but, with the help of a suitable Mobility Vial, you can get it above 30.