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For other information, the best map I’ve seen so far that includes off-site locations can be found here: http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/

Shinhan's map has become a crucial tool to the game, so I highly recommend you bookmark it.

Another great map and tool is Nighshade's full map here: http://map.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

Also he has a extended version of the game guide, which you can find here: http://guide.theriansaga-wiki.ru/

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The wiki on Therian Saga is still mostly in French and lacking in a lot of areas. The Game Guide, accessible through the Theriansaga.com 's home page is the second most valuable page online (after shinhan's map) for game information.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

How and Where do I learn New Trades?

How and Where do I learn New Trades?
In Therian Saga there is no limit to the amount of trades you can learn.  You get a leg-up on the trade you chose when creating your character, but to learn the other trades, you have to travel around.
So let’s say you started off with metal, but now you want to learn the fauna trade.
First, click on the character tab on the right side of your screen.

When you pull open the tab, you’ll see all of the trades there and your skill levels.
Hover over a trade you don’t have yet and it will tell you where to learn it. By hovering over where the arrow is, you can see that a window pops up telling me to go to the Hunting Camp in Woodriver Forest to learn the trade.

Now, if you’ve already learned the trade, you can hover over the individual skills for that trade to learn that skill.  For example, the searching trade is already opened, but if you want to learn Archeology, you need to find out where to go.
So this time, hover over the Archeology skill.

If you hover over the skill where the arrow is, it will tell you that Archeology is learned in the Knowledge district of Hawkoria. 
All of the locations on where to learn trades can be found by hovering over the corresponding trade.

**some trades don't show you where to learn them - those are more advanced trades and you'll figure it out by the time you get to them :)

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