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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Liraine's quest Part 2

Liraine’s Quest part 2

For the first half of this quest, go here
So we pick up were we left off in halmvik at Long Hobrad’s district and speak to Valen Vinnerson

Accept the quest “The Northern Moray”
Go to the Collapsed mine in Starfield
Pick a task:
a) Fight
b) 48 hunting + 40 snow
c) 55 leadership + 40 snow

The fight:

The loot:

Finish the quest with Oville there at the collapsed mine
Accept the quest “The employer of the followers”
Pick a task:
a) 50 spying + 40 snow
b) 40 commerce + 40 snow + 8g
c) Fight (I may be off on this, got distracted)

Finish the quest
Accept the quest “A message for the moray”

Go to the Forbidden Gardens (just north of the mine)
Finish the quest “A message for the Moray”

Accept the quest “A surprise request”
Travel to the training site in lufomir

Pick a task
a) 49 leadership +47 urban
b) 4 recognition letters

Go to the Superior Hobrard District in Halmvik
Pick a task

a) 49 leadership + 41 urban
b) 4 recognition letters

Go to Obero Caleron’s Manor
Pick a task

a) 49 leadership + 40 forest
b) 4 recognition letters

Return to the forbidden gardens
 Finish the quest “A surprise Request”
Accept the quest “Liraine’s secret weapon”

Go to Liraine’s Tower in Juton Forest
Accept the quest “The secret Door”

Pick a task:
a) 40 metascience +60 mountain + 8 foggy pearls
b) 55 forging + 60 mountain
c) 55 archeology + 60 mountain

Finish the quest “The secret door”
Accept the quest “A dark tunnel”
Pick a task

a) 59 extracting + 60 mountain
b) 57 exploration + 60 mountain
c) 55 alchemy + 60 mountain

Finish the quest “a dark tunnel”
Accept the quest “Books and Scrolls”
Pick a task
a) 60 leadership + 60 mountain, Horn reward
b) 58 botany + 60 mountain, xuran glass reward
c) 58 archeology + 60 mountain, reward frim intense rune

Horn reward:

Finish the quest Books and scrolls
Accept the quest “Stairs, floor and…”
Pick a task
a) fight (I didn’t take the fight because I wanted the gem so no screenshot)
b) 62 exploration + 60 mountain 4-CARAT COMET HEART!!!
c) 59 engineering + 60 mountain  reward: 4 pierce poison

Finish the quest “stairs, floor and …”
Accept the quest “the top floor”
Pick a task
a) 55 spying + 60 mountain
b) 62 engineering + 60 mountain
c) 62 archeology + 60 mountain

Finish the quest “the top floor”
Accept the quest “The celestial menace”
a) fight
b) 64 alchemy + 60 mountain + 50% health damage
c) 75 pierce + 60 mountain + 75% health damage



Finish the quest “The celestial Menace”
Go  back to the forbidden gardens
Finish the quest Liraine’s secret weapon

Welcome your new buddy!


  1. Accept the quest “The celestial menace”
    d)40 taming + 50 mountain
    only available with hipporiel as companion

  2. sorry 60 mountain of course

  3. For "The celestial menace" there is a hidden 4th option. If the hipporiel is in your team, you can flee with it. It merely requires 35 in taming.

  4. in “The employer of the followers” the third choice it's not a fight, but a 65 Blunt offence Check

  5. 18:08: Вы получаете: 3x Мутная жемчужина, 1x Валун вулканита, 1x Бревно азулио, 1x Враги побеждены, 2x Руна Пси осторожная

  6. Is that a fight reward from Stairs, floor and… ?