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Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween 2017 candy quest

Halloween 2017 candy quest

You can probably do this in a different order, but this is the order I went in.

As far as I understand, you just need to start the initial quests on a toon in each area in order for it to stay there to complete at a future time.

Hawkoria Quest Line

Teason village

1st tab speak Wilson and accept the quest “The Hobbling Ghost”

Go to strongmonton estate

1st tab, speak to John and accept the quest “Investigation in the fields”

Pick a task:

  • 6 botany + 7 plains
  • 8 exploration + 9 plains
  • 6 hunting + 9 plains
    (40 min cooldown on each task)
    Once you get your 10 tasks completed, a skeleton will show up in the same tab. Accept the quest Raison d’etre.
    Go to 50-159 and “Discover the deposit” (8 exploration + 7 plains)
    Return to strongmonton estate and finish the quest Raison D’etre
    Return to Teason Village and finish the quest to receive your 
    Lanfar Quest Line
    Go to Praen’s Farm
    Speak to Soliden and accept the quest “a macabre puzzle”
    Accept the quest “The assembled Skeleton”
  • candies. 

  • legs -4, 219
  • right foot -6, 208
  • right hand 1, 210
  • left hand 8, 210
  • torso 13, 219
  • arms 3, 229
  • sparkling gem – (includes a fight) 6, 223
    Thanks to ColinTheCreep for the visual!
    Once you’ve got all of the pieces, return to Praen’s farm
    Finish the quest “The assembled skeleton”
    Accept the quest “Resuscitate the skeleton”
    Go to maliken harbour, Thousands hands district, 3rd tab. Speak to Archibad and finish the quest “Resuscitate the skeleton”
    Accept the quest “A bit of osteopathy”
    Go to the giant plains and search for the energy
    1 – 47,267
    2 – 49, 267
    3 – 40, 266
    4 - 43 , 268 (thanks pezmaniak) (it's possible this one overlaps one of the other spots. I got all 10 from my first 3 spots.  Blitzer says to try 44, 263 instead)
    Thanks ColinTheCreep for the visual!

    Return to maliken harbour, thousand hands district 3rd tab and speak to archibad
    Pick a task

  • 30 alchemy + the parts
  • 2g40s + the parts
    Finish the quest and speak to Edmund
    Accept the quest “Return at Soliden Praen’s Place”
    Go back to Praen’s farm and finish the quest Return at Soliden Praen’s Place
    Finish the “macabre puzzle” quest for your candy reward
    (must finish lanfar quest and have the skeleton shipped to nostria for this part to appear)
    Go to the Night Archer’s Inn in Forest of the Last assault
    On the 2nd tab, speak to Edmund and accept the quest “The Witches Night”
    Accept the quest “The Witches hunt” (apparently it auto completes because you I could immediately finish “The Witches Hunt”)
    Accept the quest “To kill time”
    Go to Vinnerson Mines in Dragons Jaw and pick a task
  • 40 alchemy + 65 mountain + 2g
  • 50 leadership + 65 mountain + 8g
  • 15 clandestine agreements + 3g
  • 55 hunting + 65 mountain
    Travel back to the night archer’s inn and speak to Konrad to finish the quest Tio Kill Time
    Accept the quest “Grim News”
    Go to the Witch’s cabin in Riverwood forest in Hawkoria
    Speak to Valna and finish the quest “Grim news”
    Finish the quest “The witches night” and get your candies
    Go to the candy store and trade in your candies for some goodies!


  1. 43,264 another loc of pearls in giant plains

  2. 6,223 sparkling gem with rabbits fight

  3. third part starts at Night Archers Inn Norstria

  4. 35:264 has one more location. It's visible on http://www.shinhan.name/tsmap/ as well.

  5. In 47,267 no energy, or 47,267 and 49,267 one and the same point.
    Collected from 5 points (49, 267; 40, 266; 43 , 268; 44, 263; 35,264) 10 energy (2+2+3+2+1).

  6. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here... bulk candy

  7. well, The Witches Hunt isn't auto-complete. You need:
    1. 44 urban and 45 leadership or
    2. 44 urban and 38 hunting or
    3. 44 urban and 30 commerce and 2 gold

  8. A bit of osteopathy: i found another shadow pearls location at 47,261 (i was very unlucky and had to hit 5 spots..)

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