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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jellyfish Retina Quest

Jellyfish Retina Quest

Quest for Retinas

(Prerequisite for this quest is to complete Illness in the Family)

Thanks to Nobius for the location of the start of this quest!

Explore the area to find Shore of the Three Sisters

Speak to Allistair Woods and accept the quest The Delivery

Travel to the Witch’s Cabin

Speak to the witch on the 2nd tab and finish the quest “The Delivery”

Return to Allistair at Shore of the Three Sisters and Fill the order

(make sure the fish are in your bag, not in your chests)

Finish the order

Accept the quest “Finding the fishing sites”

Head to the lake just south of Faurash Tower for the first fishing spot.

Pick a task

  • 35 pierce + 16 mountain
  • 33 hunting + 16 mountain
  • 18 alchemy + 16 mountain
    Go to the Black River in the Den
    Pick a task
  • 42 Masonry + 40 cave + 5 limestone blocks
  • 47 extracting + 40 cave
  • 35 spying + 40 cave
    Complete the task and go to Koutiroun Pier in Norstria’s Forest of the last assault
    Pick a task
  • 50 leadership + 40 snow
  • 42 commerce + 40 snow + 5 naval agreements
  • 43 carpentry + 40 snow + 10 melandrin planks
    Complete the task then return to the Shore of the Three Sisters
    Finish the quest “finding the fishing sites”
    You can now collect Jellyfish Retina with 50 hunting and 40 sea at the Shore of the three sisters.


  1. Thank you, from Russia =)

    igks, serv Nikolas

  2. I don't see the Allistair Woods at Shore of the Three Sisters. Is there a previous quest to activate this one?

    1. Okay. You have to finish the "Illness in the family" from Mave, in Hawkoria City, Merchant District.