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Monday, October 2, 2017

Liraine's Quest

Liraine's Quest

*This quest is not complete - I hit a wall in Halmvik - if anyone gets past this point please advise so I can up date this walkthrough*

*there may be some prerequisites to this quest.  Suggestions are to open behemoth portal, lordly estate and the elemental palace*

Go to Liraine’s Tower in Juto Forest

Speak to Elora and accept the quest “The Legend of Liraine”

Go Halmvik city. Go to the Historic Hobrad.

Task requires: 44 exploration.

Complete the task.

Go to the Den Academy

On the second tab, pick the task Search the archives of the Den Academy.

Task requires 46 exploration

Go to the Behemoth Portal

Go to square a6

Task requires 52 exploration, 47 cave

Go to Elements Palace

Task requires 48 exploration

Go to the Lordly Estate

Go to square b1

Task requires 50 exploration

Return to Liraine’s tower in Juton Forest

Finish the quest “The legend of Liraine”

Accept the quest “In the footsteps of Liriane”

Go to Eufelburg, 2nd tab

Pick a task

  • 35 leadership + 49 urban
  • 22 metascience + 49 urban
  • 30 archeology + 49 urban
    Complete task, return to Liraine’s tower
    Finish the quest “in the footsteps of Liraine”
    Accept the quest “The smithy and the tower”
    Once you have the runes – return to Liraine’s tower to complete the quest
    Finish the quest “the smithy and the tower”
    Accept the quest “Liraine’s Mysterious smithy”
    This will open up a new location
    Travel there, then pick a task
  • 46 archaeology + 60 forest
  • 42 engineering + 60 forest
    Complete the task, then return to liraine’s tower
    Finish the quest Liriane’s mysterious smithy
    Accept the quest “Leaving for Halmvik”
    Go to halvik and visit the Long Hobard district, 2nd tab
    Finish the quest “Leaving for Halmvik”
    Go to the first tab of Long Hobrad
    Speak to Valen and accept the quest “where in the world is elora soriason”
    Pick a task
  • 30 commerce + 40 urban + 2 recognition letters
  • 45 spying + 40 urban
  • 55 blunt offense + 40 urban
    Complete the task and finish the quest “where in the world is elora soriason”
    After this point, I got stuck. It appears that we have to wait for info here… If anyone has any info, please share and we will finish up this walkthrough.



  1. At Liranie's Mysterious Smithy, there is an option with Cerrydwen and 45 leadership which yields 2 Intelligence horns. There is also likely an option with Yraen or Rowan, but I didn't bring them to check.

    1. No check for Rowan, the intel vials for me were 7.1 leadership

  2. About estimated prequests - I can confirm that you've to do couple steps of laboratory questchain so Elemental palace shows up. I was unable to pick The legend of Liraine until Elemental palace was visible for me. I had done other suggested prequests earlier for my character.