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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Archeology tasks for crystal tablets locations

New Archeology tasks for crystal tablets locations


The chance of getting a crystal tablet from these spots is kinda thin, and you can only do the task once every 7 hours.  These are the places I know of, not 100% sure if they drop the super crystal tablets or not, as I didn’t get any on my tours, though others have.




White Bridge Pillars (7 hour cooldown)


Howlingwood Sanctuary (7 hour cooldown)



Ancient’s cemetery (7 hour cooldown)







Abandoned Coastal Village (7 hour cooldown)



Elisime  (7 hour cooldown)



Ice Lab (7 hour cooldown)





Righteous Cemetery (7 hour cooldown)




Jotungar tomb (7 hour cooldown)



Mysterious altar  (7 hour cooldown)





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