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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Quest: Unidentified remains

Quest: Unidentified Remains


Please keep in mind, this is just the way I did the quests.  You don’t have to follow the order I went in by any means, but this should give you a good base of what needs to be done.


Start at the watchman in tarrasquan



Accept the quest: Unidentified Remains


One you accept the quest, head to Molins’ ruins in nostria


Accept the quest “Flames and ruins” at the doors to molins’ ruins


Pick a task:


-         Cross the flaming barricade for 75% health hit

-         Extinguish the barricade for 62 engi, 37 snow and the water

-         Vulufangs for 62 taming and 37 snow


Once completed, move on then pick a task to work towards convalescence or move on


-         Help the wounded for 60 leadership


Fight the assassin



My loot from this fight



Moving on, you can get more convalescent from B4 with 10 healing horns and 65 botany plus 41 urban


Go to Molins’ quarters for the next fight



The loot I got



Now you can pick a task


-         60 archeo + 41 urban

-         70 jewelry + 41 urban

-         60 engineering + 41 urban


Either of these will get you the Identity of the attacker


C2 allows you to hunt the trogolytes for convalescent


-         65 hunting+ 45 urban

Fight at A4




My loot



Fight at C4



My loot:



Fight at D3




My loot


Once you’ve killed everyone and got your convalescent, head back to the entrance of molins’ ruins


Finish the quest Flames and Ruins


Accept the quest Forgotten Amphora, and finish it if you have the water


Go back into molins’ ruins


Head to the molin’s quarters (the little tent)


Accept the quest “A time for research”



Accept the quest “Back to normal”


Leave the tent, and speak to aelyn at B4 – accept the quest “Better Equipped Troops”


Go to A4 and accept the quest “Unknown Motivations”


Go to D4 and accept the quest “A burdening secret”


Pick a task:


-         leadership 55 + snow 43

-         archaeology 50 + 43 snow

-         50 botany + 43 snow


Finish the quest


Accept the quest “A mysterious vase”


Go to B2 and accept the quest “rebuilding the guardhouse”













Head to lowenson Island and walk around.  There are different tasks here

Land on the different areas to reveal the different tasks

The ones I found


-         58 leadership +50 snow+ 25 gold

-         75 exploration +50 snow

-         38 sea + 60 snow


When you’ve done the tasks enough times and have the map pieces, head back to flareich creek  and restore the the map. You need 3 map fragments.


Pick a task


-         65 botany + 20 sea

-         55 archeology + 20 sea

-         65 stonecutting + 20 sea


Once you’ve gotten the map, return to noroft point from falreich.


Head back to molins ruins


Go to D4 in molins ruins and finish the quest “A mysterius vase”



Go to C2 and accept the quest “A poor infirmary”




Pick a task


-         Metascience 38 + 45 urban + 1000 pearls

-         Herbalism 55 + 45 urban + 200 healing vials

-         Sewing 50 + 45 urban + 25 chimeric bone needles + 125 olkznar fabric


Once you’ve completed your task, finish the quest a poor infirmary


Go to A4 and complete the quest Unknown Motivations


Leave Molins’ Ruins and head to halmvik

Go to the lower hobrad and pick a task in the second tab


Pick a task


-         60 commerce

-         5 recognitions

-         60 forging


Complete your task


(at this point I went and crafted the halberd and chest needed for the quest, and collected the k-del and salandrin for the other quest)


Head back to molins ruins


In square B2 finish the quest



Head to B4 and finish the quest




Head to the Molins’ quarters (the tent area) and finish the quest “Back to Normal


Speak to Per Kaleson and finish the quest “A time for research”


Per Kaleson poofs from your party at this point.


Leave molins’ ruins and head back to the watchman in tarrasquan to finish up these quests.




That’s the end of it!










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