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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Quest: The Case of the Flying Serpentine

Quest:  The Case of the Flying Serpentine


Start in Maliken Harbor




Accept the quest and head to The Moccasin Inn



Speak to Tuppence and accept the quest



You’ll get three options on ways to complete the task


1 – Requires 23 leadership, 20 forest

2 -  Requires 19 herbalism, 20 forest

3-   Requites 19 breeding, 20 forest


Finish the quest


Click on Tuppence again and accept the quest “ An Inexplicable theft”



Accept the quest


Head to the Bandits’ Camp



Accept the quest “In the mongoose’s den”


Pick your task


1 – Hunting 21, urban 15

2 – Spying 16, urban 15

3 – Jewelry 21, urban 15


Finish the quest


Head to Enorwen’s Trading Post




In the 2nd tab, speak to Tuppence again


Accept the quest “You do not catch thieves with beer”


Pick a task


1 – 29 leadership, 8 urban

2 – 21 alchemy, 8 urban

3 – 25 hunting, 8 urban


Finish the quest

You now have Tuppence in your party


Accept the quest “The snake and the mongoose”


Head back to maliken harbour to the thousands hands district – 1st tab


Pick a task


1 – spying 20, urban 30

2 – Jewelry 30, urban 30 and an uncut quartz

3 – leadership 33, urban 30 and an uncut quartz

4 – small uncut quartz and meticulousness ampoules x 5


Go to bandit’s camp to get more of the “Rumors initiated”


Go to bulgator fortress to get more of the “Rumors Initiated”


There are cooldowns for each of the tasks, repeat as necessary to get all of the Rumors.


Once you have all of the rumors, go back to Enorwen’s trading post


Speak to Tuppence and finish the quest “The Snake and the Mongoose”


Accept the quest “To bite the mongoose”


Pick a task


1 – 23 spying, 8 urban

2- 28 hunting, 8 urban

3  - fight the mongoose


This is the fight:



And the loot from the fight



Finish the quest To Bite the Mongoose


Go to the Moccasin Inn


Finish the quest “An inexplicable theft”


Accept the quest Serpentine’s Twin



Once you have the goods, head to Arzen Camp



On the first tab, finish the quest “Serpentine’s twin”


Go back to Maliken Harbour into the dormitory district and finish the quest in the second tab


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